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Officers have been trained to use a baton, mace, tear gas, and firearms. Each officer has a California Concealed Weapons permit and must re-qualify every three months.

Need Special Retail or Mall Protection?

If you are responsible for a mall or retail store, deterring theft, gangs, and other illegal activity is necessary to ensure overall loss prevention and property damage. This is a big job that should be left to the qualified professionals at East-Tech Private Security Inc.


Our skilled professionals know how to protect and serve your property and patrons. From public relations to crowd control, they can assist guests with directions or with locating lost vehicles.


East-Tech Security Inc. officers are qualified to provide emergency services such as CPR. They are also trained in protective measures against terrorism, and know how to follow proper procedures in the event of an emergency such as helping visitors safely exit the building.

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619-459-0991 (San Diego)


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Your patrons & employees will be satisfied with our security.

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Protect Employees and Patrons

The Benefits of Retail / Mall Security

Our Skilled Guards Protect Your Property and Patrons 24/7!

The Proper Assurances That You Need

East-Tech Security Inc. is insured for $1 million - $2 million in liability and workers' compensation insurance for the protection of individuals and companies.

  • Public relations

  • Customer service

  • Alarm response

  • Detainment

  • Theft and loss prevention

  • Safety awareness

  • Vandalism deterrence

  • Emergency procedures

  • Crowd and traffic control

  • Parking lot restrictions

  • Delivery procedure enforcement assistance

  • Lost vehicle assistance

  • And more

The Proper Patrol Training You Deserve

All of our agents are trained, licensed, bonded, and uniformed. They receive thorough background checks through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and have successfully completed specialized training at one of the following schools:

security retail retail guard
  • Public Safety Training Association

  • Nanpor Security Academy

  • California Security Academy