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Do You Need Professional Patrol Services?

Patrolling apartment complexes, parking lots, construction sites, and private properties can deter and protect against illegal and criminal activity, including assault, drugs, prostitution, and burglary. Parking lot and parking structure surveillance is also an excellent deterrent against vandalism and car theft.


When businesses need reliable patrol services, they call East-Tech Private Security Inc. All of our officers are highly trained, experienced, proactive, and responsive.


The last thing you need is a patrol officer who sleeps on the job or looks the other way when action is needed. You won't have those issues with East-Tech. Call us today!

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Citation, Warnings, and Other Actions

We can provide citation or written warning services for illegal parking, traffic control, and 72-hour parking in a red zone. You may also request towing services that include vehicle documentation and require management approval.

Our Patrol Officers are Ready to Serve You Today

Don't wait until something happens in your community or business to sign up for regular patrol services. Our officers are ready to start serving you today.

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  • Traffic and parking management

  • Motorized escort services