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Your Personal Safety Matters To Us

Your personal safety is of utmost importance to East-Tech Private Security Inc. Whether you need someone to look out for you at a personal appearance, on the way to the big game, or when you're carrying valuables, we will be there. You can relax knowing you're in good hands.


Individuals call on us for armed and unarmed executive protection, bodyguard, and escort services. We have more than 22 years of experience providing everything from public figure protection to event logistics and travel planning for all types of individuals.

For more information about our bodyguard services and competitive rates, contact:


760-433-9477 (Oceanside)

619-459-0991 (San Diego)


East-Tech Private Security Inc.

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You are safe and secure when we are by your side.

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Agents Can Handle Your Situation

Physical Fitness is a Requirement For Our Agents

We take your safety very seriously. You're guaranteed to be satisfied with the personal protection detail assigned to you. All agents must pass a physical fitness test, and thorough background check through BSIS to ensure they are capable of protecting all of the individuals who use our services.


Appearance Matters For Our Team

Agents are dressed to impress in casual wear or suits, and are armed or unarmed depending on the situation or event. We offer escort and protection services in a variety of settings, including:

Our Agents Ensure Your Personal Safety and Ease of Movement!

  • Entertainers

  • High-Profile Individuals

  • Public / Government Officials

  • Business Professionals

Proper Training And Permits

East-Tech Security Inc. is insured for $1 million - $2 million in liability and workers' compensation. Agents are well trained to handle a baton, mace, tear gas, and firearms.


Each agent carries a California Concealed Weapons permit and must re-qualify every 3 months. Our agents have successfully completed specialized training at one of following schools:

  • Small gatherings

  • Large arenas

  • Public appearances

  • Individual personal protection

  • Family personal protection

  • Escort around town at night

  • Personal bodyguard

  • Public Safety Training Association

  • Nanpor Security Academy

  • California Security Academy

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